Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights in Pictures & 2013 Goals

It's New Years Eve 2012. The last day of a fantastic year! I know 2013 will bring bigger an better things, so I'm anxious to say goodbye to old and hello to the new :) In 2012, I learned a lot about myself. I started this blog, I committed more to my fitness than I could have ever imagined possible, and I'm looking forward to the future, but first- 2012 highlights!

January 2012

Mr. Noel and I at the end of 2011

Madeline coerced me into Personal Training

February 2012

We Celebrate Mardi Gras

March 2012

I started running- without my trainer forcing me

April 2012

The Self Shot Gym picture obsession begins...

May 2012

I turned 25 - by acting like a real grown-up 

June 2012

Celebrating the very First Anniversary of our I Dos

Cancun, Mexico 2012 

July 2012

Elle Noel is Born - First Post Here

The Fun Continues...

August 2012

 Committing to big changes...

Pay off continues-

September 2012

Work Outs, Fun, & Football

October 2012

November 2012

Becoming a "Serious" Runner

December 2012


Half Marathon 

Body Fat Under 20%

Complete a set of ten pull-ups unassisted

Buy our First Home

Have a Rocking Beach Vacation


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Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In : It's ugly

Welp, it happened. The scale jumped up and pimped slapped me this morning, with THREE pounds. Told ya'll I wasn't over exaggerating about how much fun I'd had in the last week. Imagine how bad it would have been sans a work out Monday *shudders*

It's been along time since I've gained, I forgot how shitty this feeling is. Seriously. It feels shitty, but you get what you give.I fueled my body with junk and it fueled me with three pounds. I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting a little, I'd hoped my metabolism picked up some over the last few months. Gaining weight ain't fun, and old habits die hard. However, I will persevere. I was just one measly stomach flu away from my goal weight too. Rats. Big girls don't cry, back to the grind- 7lbs to go.

I got in my work out last night and this morning.

Work out Summary:

Thursday Evening-
30 Minutes Stair Master
Fat Burner Plus Level 4
Arms (10lb)- Shoulder Press, Flys, Tricep Dips, Bicep Burn outs- 21/18/12/8
Core Work

Friday AM-
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backwards
5 Minutes Combo
15 Minutes Core & Booty Work (Fiyyyaaaa)

After much thought and consideration, I'm not going to spend my evening crying into my steamed broccoli. The last week was completely worth it, and I'll get these three pounds back off quickly. My super sweet husband said, "That's just water weight, don't you worry".

Note to self- eat like crap, gain weight, and feel like crap. Eat clean, work out, lose weight, and feel like a hot sexy beast. I much prefer the latter.

Did the holiday bulge get to you too??

Check out my new boots, thanks Santa! I'm glad I didn't just get the three pounds :)

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

True Confession Time: Back on the Wagon

Gerrrdddd Merninggg! I'm back!! As much as I love a long break from work and life in general, I literally crave my routine. The holidays have been super fun and action packed.

Remember when my Cajuns won the NOLA Bowl for the SECOND time?! Still basking in that victory!

By action packed I mean I got in two work outs since Friday and more cocktails than I'd care to admit to, one to many trips to the dessert table, fast food, loaded nachos, the list goes on.

Hey now hey- There's grilled chicken in there under all that cheese!

Literally that happened. I'd rehash the whole ordeal in minute detail for you, but let's face it. You probably ate wild Monkey in Walmart after hours too. It's been grand. The harsh reality? I've gained weight. I can just tell. However, I won't weigh myself until tomorrow morning. Gotta stick to my routine. I'm hoping it's only two or four pounds. I want to wear that size 2 dress again on NYE.

Squat Squat Squat Squat Squat.....

Christmas Eve was bonkers. I went to a an hour and a half long cardio blast class in the morning. The class was super fun,. however my running injuries were holding me back. Big time. It seems no matter how hard
we try to prepare for Christmas, there is always last minute shopping going on. I swear I didn't sit down all day.

Christmas morning I woke up and Santa had passed by my house! WOOP! Seriously, I was an AWESOME girl this year, and he checked that list twice when thinking of me. It pays to be a super star, oh yeaaaahhhhssss.

There's a pull-up assist in there. That's my New Year's Resolution. To be able to do a pull up all on my own. I've never had much upper body strength and I really want to improve in that arena. I'll do a tutorial with my pull up assist shortly.
That there Kindle fire is the reason ya'll didn't get a blog post yesterday. Wednesday, my last day away from the office. I got sucked into another 50 Shades of Grey- esque trashy romance novel series. I'm such a sucker for trashay romance. This one is the Sylvia Day Crossfire series. If you didn't like 50 Shades of Grey or felt so/so about that series- you will literally hate these books. If you loved 50 Shades of Grey hit purchase and don't look back. I'm already onto book number 2.

This is what my week as looked like those far-

1.5 Hour Cardio Class
Carb Carb City bitttchhhh (extra cheese please)

What's a calorie? Yes, I'd love more wine, oh you have cake? I'll have a slice of that too. Oh and pie? Well I really shouldn't (slurping more Chardonnay).....put extra whipped cream on dat.

50 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minute Strength Training

30 Minute Stair Master
30 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Strength Training
No Carbs

AM Training
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Strength Training
PM Training
30 Minutes Stair Master
30 Minutes Strength Training
No Carbs

7 Mile Run (Injury Permitting)
No Carbs

4 Mile Run/ 10 Mile Bike Ride (Injury Permitting)
No Carbs

I pray the scale doesn't jump up and pimp slap me tomorrow morning.... I'll say some prayers for you too...

How was your Holiday?! Tell me all about it!

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