Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Plan Deviation: Day One

Don't hate me but...I'm already deviating form the scheduled blog plan. I simply have not had time to write out Abs Are Made in the Kitchen: What Does that Even Mean? truly giving the topic justice. Today is employee appreciation day at the office, and the whole shebang has been planned and orchestrated by yours truly. 

Translation: I have a million trillion little things I need to be doing to prepare. Party planning is stressful ya'll! One extremely early morning workout, and a half of those million trillion tasks completed later, I'm running on caffeine fumes. Life's tough get a helmet! badum-cha (20 bonus points to whomever can name that quote)

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and a holiday for most, so I'm going to save today's scheduled topic for  next week. Today, I'm skipping straight to my favorite weekly Memes. Don't be disappointed. Next week will ROCK, swearsies.

The Royal Tour is giving way to so many awesome memes. 

and she is fabulous.


We've all been there right?! The Target Trap is deep. The struggle is real.

You so Punny

Please let me remember this lesson during my weekend in NOLA

Next Week on the Blog:

Crescent City Classic ReCap & Weekly Work Out Goals

Abs are made in the kitchen :What Does that Even Mean?

Treadmill Speed Training

Low Carb Meal Ideas

Weekly Favorite Memes: Upcoming Blog Posts

Wishing each and everyone of you a safe, fun filled, holiday weekend with all those peeps you love! 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nacho Updates

Whoaaaa nah, hello new people! Thanks for stopping by! Seems like yesterday's post struck a nerve with a lot of you (Elle Noel's best day EVER), one of those everyone was thinking it, I just said it posts. The post opened up some really great rhetoric concerning not just Transformation Tuesday but other sly ways the internet can be misleading. I thoroughly enjoy that type of conversation, and I'll get back with everyone who commented today.  I'm kinda kicking myself for stalling so long on that topic....

Today, it's a little more vanilla subject matter. Well vanilla to you maybe, but not to me. To me this is one of the top three things going on in my life right now.

Nacho now has a kennel, dog bowls, a collar, and his very first kong. I'm stocking up on puppy pads and toys here and there. I know he'll need a leash and a bed, but I'll probably bring him with me to PetsMart to pick out those things. Gotta show off my pride and joy!

Nacho had his first bath last week. He's not quite loving the water yet, but he is so fresh and so clean!

He's getting ready to come live with us in just two short weeks. We talk about Nacho every day,we're true puppy parent freaks. We could not be more excited.

Enough with these pictures human!

Fun fact: Nacho's sister is going to live with one of my Sole Sistas, so hopefully Nacho and his sister will be run buddies for many years to come! 

In other news, my hip is still agitating me. This is IT Band related and I've had issues with this hip pain before. I know what it needs: rest, stretch, rest. 

I lieu of running Tuesday, I took in a new to me circuit class at the gym. It was basically HIIT with some strength and I had a really great time! I'm hoping to be able to run some this week before the 10k race Saturday. The Crescent City Classic is traditionally a fun run, which is a concept I struggle with. I know, what a freak.

How is your week going? Hope you're staying warm!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why I Don't Like Transformation Tuesday

I've been plotting this post for a few weeks now, as I keep seeing some of the same transformation posts that really irritate me. It's the Tuesday of Transformations ya'll. Let me start by saying, I don't wake up every Tuesday and think "Ugh. All those transformation pictures will dominate my social media feeds today. Ba humbug!" 

To clarify, I LOVE seeing, hearing, reading, talking, liking, and commenting on an individuals personal body transformation success. It's inspiring to me at every single stage in the weight loss process. I actually don't think you should ever feel like you have to wait until Tuesday to toot your own horn. If it's Friday and you're feeling fly, broadcast that shiz! You don't have to share the spotlight with so many others that way, know what I'm sayin? 

For me personally, at the stage I'm at right now, I don't want or need a weekly a reminder of this girl:

I will never forget that she used to exist. I lived in her skin for years, she's a part of me. I don't need weekly photographic evidence of our time together. 

It's like going through a bad break up, and years later finding pictures of that ex you wish never happened. You wouldn't continuously pull out their picture and hold it up next to a picture of your new romantic partner,.Ahhh look at how far I've come! Or maybe you would, I wouldn't. Back in the dusty box or into the trashcan. Move on!

 While I am very proud of what I've been able to accomplish, and maintain, I can't move forward and progress if I'm constantly looking in the rear veiw mirror. I've put over weight, self conscience Leigh Ann in the past and moved on. That's exactly where I want that girl to be, in the past. That's my personal reason for lack of participation in Transformation Tuesday. 

So which part irritates her? I'm confused.

I see these irritating Transformation posts more often than I'd care to admit. They really grind my gears and get under my skin. 

I don't like Transformation posts that are misleading, edited, or falsified. I see them weekly, sometimes daily, and they seriously get under my skin. I would never ever knock anyone's progress, but in this day and age of filters, slenderizing aps, spray tans, selfies, and optimal angles, we have to think more critically about the images we are bombarded with. 

As human beings, we obviously take and post pictures of ourselves in the most flattering light. There's nothing wrong with that. Social media is your highlight reel honey, you betta work. 

However, when posting pictures proclaiming short term transformation (1-3 months progress), fat loss, muscle gain, etc, the poster has a moral obligation to their readers and followers to be transparent and forthcoming. Period. No Excuses.

Newsflash: everything you read/see on the internet isn't true, honest, forthcoming, or transparent. Don't compare your progress to someone elses, ever. Here's one of my favorite examples of misleading transformation pictures from blogger MelVFitness. Before you start looking at someone's short term progress/transformation ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the person standing the same distance from the camera in both pictures?
2. Is the person wearing the same cloths in both pictures?
3. Is the lighting the same in both pictures?
4. Is the person standing in exactly the same position in both pictures?

I completely understand why people post these types of pictures. They're working hard and want to report any and all progress, no matter how small. They're feeling great that day, and want to share that picture where they feel like they're looking fly. I get that. These pictures agitate me largely due to the fact that it's providing a skewed view to the reader.

Don't knock yourself and your perceived lack of progress based on these images we all see floating around the Weight loss, health, and fitness pages on all social media. Work hard, stay determined, and you will see results. Nothing worth having happens over night or in three short months. Just sayin.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 LOPA Caliente 5K

Good Morning!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with a four day work week to look forward to! This past Saturday, I participated in LOPA's, Louisiana Organ Procurement Association, Caliente 5k in Opelousas, Louisiana. I participated in this race last year, and set my 5k PR of 26:51.

LOPA 2013

The Sole Sista Run Group came in out in full force again this year to support one of our runner's whose husband is on a transplant list.

LOPA 2014
I hadn't been able to run all last week due to tweaking my hip the previous week with some pretty aggressive speed training. My new goal is to see how far I can run in exactly 30 minutes. My short term goal is to run 3.5 in 30. I've made it to 3.4. Anywho, I was just happy to be able to run Saturday morning. My pace plan for a 5k: run as fast as you can for as long as you can, huff, puff, it will be over soon.

Mile One: 8:04
Mile Two: 8:39
Mile Three: 9:14

Safe to say the wheels came off there at the end. I'm still trying to wrap my head around non competitive fun running. Everyday can't be the best ever, I know this. I've got a 10k on the plan next weekend, we shall see how that goes down. I haven't run further than 3.4 miles since the half marathon March 30.

After the race, LOPA had multiple door prizes and medals for the top three finishers overall and per age group. One of our own Sole Sistas was on a mission to place in her age group and came out second. Woop! It was a fun morning!

There were also testimonials from families and individuals whose lives have been directly impacted by LOPA's work. Hearing stories from families who have lost a loved one, but were able to save a life in the process, and stories from people who have received life saving organ donations really put all the small insignificant life stressers into perspective for me. This organization is doing incredible work in our community. Organ donors are designated by a small heart on your driver's license, and signing up to be a donor is very simple. Simply check  "yes" at your DMV. Learn more about Organ donation here.

Weekly Work Out Goals:


30 Minute Fast Run

4-5 Mile Run (Hip injury allowing)

30 Minute Fast Run

Incline Walk/Run

Crescent City Classic 10K


Tomorrow, I'm sticking to my Blog Plan, and letting you all in on Why I don't like Transformation Tuesday. Should be fun, hopefully you stick around through Wednesday ;)

Have a great Monday!!

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