Friday, October 24, 2014

35 Minute Incline Walk/ Run Treadmill Routine

Good morning and TGIF! Is it just me or was this the never ending week? Every time I have an event I'm really looking forward to over the weekend, the work week drags. Hurry up fun time! Alas, it's weekend time again! This morning I was supposed to do 60 minutes of cross training. Well after pressing snooze 5 times (Nick loves when I do that) I was running short on time. Have I mentioned I really dread those 60 minutes of cross training?

 I through together this run/walk routine and a quick chest/shoulder/ab workout for a total of 70 minutes in the gym this AM. Since we moved, I have to be much more conscience of my time in the mornings. We only moved about 5 miles out, but our old location was incredible central. Meaning I had more time to lolligag. IE Pose for selfies, chit chat, debate breakfast, change my outfit four times, get Nick to take an OOTD for me, I ain't got time for all that now

 I love to use incline walk/run routines for quick but intense cardio. In my experience, its a great way to increase pace and I find I actually get more out of it in terms of increased long run endurance compared to standard cross training ie elliptical/bike/stair master plus I just like running.

While I'm talking about running, you need to do yourself a favor and download this awesome run jam. I like it so much I don't want to listen to it too much because I'm afraid it will lose it's magic. Ya know what I'm saying?  It's good. And it's Halloween time, how ya gonna pass on a song called Ghost?

Saturday morning I've got 7 whole miles on the agenda. Increasing mileage, decreasing temperatures, gotta be fall! Happy weekend and happy running!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Speed Training: A Love Hate

The Speed Training work out,I love to hate it and I hate to love it. 

On the love hand, I know speed training makes me a stronger runner overall. I know it's better for fat loss (which is always a goal) But man. Speed work is a challenge.I have to line up 10 power songs in a row, and coach myself every single step.I love speed work because generally speaking, it's my short work out of the week. Intense, Quick, Effective. My favorite things! Also, it's an indoor work out which means AC and television which are also some of my other favorite things.

One the why I hate speed work hand, there's different levels of intensity in regards to speed training. The tempo run is a further distance, but it's intense for a finite amount of time. There's a warm up and a cool down involved. I like that. It leaves me thinking "tough it out you only have X more minutes and then you can bring it down a notch"  

40 Minute Tempo Run 9:16 Pace
The 400 X *Increasing number of laps the longer you train* at a 5k pace straight whoops my ass. I have no clue how fast I can run a 5K in a race type scenario. How do you know what your 5K pace is then? I'm trying to keep it in the high 8:00 neighborhood which is swift for me. I like to finish strong, and get faster with each lap. Lawd-day the 10 X 400 speed training this week like to kill me. My legs are sore today, in that awesome I put in a great work out kind of way.

9 X 400 5k Pace Run 8:48 Pace
I'm excited to see how I'll do come the Cajun Cup in three weeks. I've enjoyed training at the shorter distance, but I'm looking forward to running in the double digits again. There is truly magic in the long run. The last race I participated in was in April, it's safe to say I've got the itch! The longer I do this run thing, the less I'm thinking of setting a PR (all runners are always thinking about setting a PR) and the more I'm thinking, What did that run teach me?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wardrobe Envy: Ginger Zee

At my house we don't go a morning without Good Morning America. It goes like this, wake up, brush your teeth, take your vitamins, turn on GMA.

 I like for it to play when I'm getting dressed for work. I love their commentary and I really really really (times ten) like to see what the girls are wearing. A favorite for me is Meteorologist Ginger Zee.  She is such a little lady and she's always letting me know that no matter how hot and humid I think it is outside, somewhere in the US someone else has it way worse than we do.

Seriously how are more people not talking about this fabulous girl?

This morning, she was looking tres chic as per usual, and I thought "man I gotta get my hands on that dress!" I love how she keeps it young and youthful but modest and lady like in simplicity.

Ginger this AM in a dress by Theroy
Turns out Ginger shares her OOTD over on her Pinterest which you can find here. While I definitely can't afford a shift dress in the $300-$500 range (LOLZ, lol, LOLs) she is someone I look to emulate. Questions I have for Ginger, puhlease send me you work out routine, and are you on MFP because GF you are doing something right!

Whose fashion are you creepin on?

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

L'Auberge de Lac Bachelorette Weekend

Last month, our crew celebrated Jessica's (blog regular here, one of my B to the F Fs- you'll recognize her) bachelorette party at L'Auberge de Lac (Casino resort) in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

I had never been to L'Auberge , so I was excited to check this place out!

Jacked this pic from the internet
I personally am not a big casino person, however at  L'Auberge, there was so much to do aside from gambling and we all had a fantastic time!. We were one of several groups of Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, L'Auberge is very popular with the Texans. Highlights include the Glow Bar, Jack Daniels after hours, and lounging by the pool. Gotta be vague, what happens at L'Auberge.....

 Of course we did some pinterest-y things

Like an itinerary, because we're a group of type As, and have you ever tried organizing intoxicated people? Good luck with that...

or these survival kits packed with a mini champagne, water, blow pop, advil,band aids, and a travel sized sunscreen. These gable boxes came from Sweet Tea Paper via Etsy, and were a huge hit!

and of course the overall room set up. Cutesy banners also came from vendors.

And an absolute must, a sweet souvenir for the bride

Our first night, we ended up all wearing our Ship Faced shirts. Our shirts were ordered via Amazon, and printed locally by AdvertecThat's how you save some dollars. The shirts made us lots of new friends. Some really nice strangers let us take pictures on their boat, which we followed up with a very rowdy dinner at the Jack Daniels Bar. That's all I can tell you about that.

Day two was spent by the pool, we listened to music, we laughed, we enjoyed each other's company, and we all squeezed onto that one piece of furniture for no particular reason other than we just like each other. Life was good that day

The pool was followed up with a Lingerie shower, oh lala, and dinner at Ember. Ember is L'Auberge's fancy steak house. Unfortunately we don't have a great pic from dinner. If only someone in that group was a blogger who was good with pictures....

This was one of those fantastic weekends that brings everyone that much closer. We're all excited for Jessica's big day, but first we've got a few more stops a long the way. More pinterest-y fun to follow!

What are your favorite Bachelorette party traditions?

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